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Highly professional Architectural BIM design and Bills of Quantities software to use for free?
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ACCA software S.p.A.
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24 January 2014

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This is a building information management software available in free to use but to be paid only when prints are taken form.

Edificius, has a unique 2D and/or 3D input of specific customizable objects. These include walls, windows, slabs, etc. The utility will help create the model of your building. All of the necessary construction documents useful for completing your project are generated. This Free UPP software can help with architectural BIM design, quantity take off and bills of quantities, etc. After it is downloaded and installed, you will get technical support and updates for the lifetime. Edificius, the Free UPP BIM software is not just 3D Architectural Design tool but has more features that are useful. It has an easy to use interface that makes using the tool quite easy. 2D or 3D Model design, Isometric views, elevation views, renderings, Floor Plans, section views and elevation views are easily created.

All detailed views are created from the common model. The application helps update model changes. Dynamic integration with DWG CAD applications as well as Google Sketch up is available. BoQ functions are available when doing integrated design. Most common formats are supported for import and export of data. The terms of use allow for installing the tool on as many computers as you want. All documents are kept synchronized as changes take place. Measurements could be easily acquired from the drawings. Price list items could be linked to drawing elements. Raster in PDF, BMP, JPG, etc. formats could be managed easily. Bill of Quantities could be printed easily, prints will be charged of course. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

Publisher's description

Edificius is our Architectural BIM design software. Edificius guarantees advanced design tools that are comparable to other top of the market BIM software. With great quality and effectiveness, you can obtain: floor plan views, section views, elevation views, construction details, tables, schedules, reports, isometric views, perspective views, renderings, photo inserts, animations. Edificius, with a unique 2D and/or 3D input of specific customizable objects, (walls, windows, slabs, etc.) creates the model of your building to automatically generate all of the necessary construction documents useful for completing your project.
Designed to be easier than other existing software, Edificius has an exclusive modelling environment that speeds up learning and everyday use. Any changes made to your model cause all the relating construction documents to be updated automatically (floor plan views, section views, elevation views, isometric views…), even drawing models that were already laid out and ready for printing. The advanced Edificius BIM technology guarantees a complete project management highly reducing mistakes and increasing productivity.
Edificius greatly increases the BIM potential by dynamically integrating the features of other software: PriMus for Bills of Quantities, SketchUp for solid modelling, Edificius-CAD* for DWG CAD Drawings (i.e. construction details)
Edificius is a Free UPP (Free Use Pay Print)software, a revolutionary way to distribute professional Architectural, Engineering and Bill of Quantities/Estimating software. With Free UPP software, use, program updates, training and support are completely free. The customer pays only when needing to print (a very convenient cost for each A4 sheet), and with no expiry date. The first 500 prints are free.
The customer has a free license to use the full-featured version of the software for architectural BIM design. Program with very advanced 2D/3D design features.
Version 6.0
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